Long March by Farmers in Indian State of Maharashtra Succeeds After Government Accepts Demands

Maharashtra was also the venue of the historic Farmers’ Long March of 2018 when thousands marched from Nashik to the state’s capital Mumbai.

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Indian farmers in a tractor rally in New Delhi in January to protest new agricultural laws. The protests persisted for months, and this week the government backed down. [ Photo Credit : Money Sharma/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images]

Thousands of Indian farmers who had been marching in the State of Maharashtra concluded their protest on March 18 after the government accepted their demands. They had begun their march on March 12. The farmers, who were marching from Nashik to the state’s capital of Mumbai, were led by the All India Kisan Sabha, a left-wing farmers’ organization.

The farmers had a 17-point charter of demands—the most important of which was remunerative crop prices, especially for onions. They also sought ownership rights on forest land for tribal farmers under the Forest Act 2005, immediate financial relief of Rs 600 (USD 7.2) per 100 kilograms to onion growers, a 12-hour continuous power supply, and farm loan waivers, among other demands.

The government was forced to accept the demands after several rounds of negotiations. Speaking at a public meeting announcing victory, farmers’ leader J.P. Gavit said a committee has been formed to look into the implementation of some of the demands. The government has announced the implementation of other key demands, like an increase in the subsidy for onions.

One protesting farmer—Pundalik Ambo Jadhav—died during the protest.

Shortly after the 250-kilometer march began, the government promised it would accept the demands. However, the farmers were not convinced as the government had gone back on similar promises before. Hence, they halted their march but declared that they would not return home until concrete steps were taken regarding their implementation. Following this, the chief minister of the State, Eknath Shinde spoke in the state legislature on the issue and details were also provided to farmers on the implementation of their demands.

Maharashtra was also the venue of the historic Farmers’ Long March of 2018 when thousands marched from Nashik to the state’s capital Mumbai.

India’s farmers and workers are set to hold a major mobilization across the country on April 5 to push for a variety of demands.

Credit Line: from the Peoples Dispatch / Globetrotter News Service

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