LTTE Fronts’ Rising Influence in Canada: A Potential Future Power Shift

Establishing Strongholds: LTTE Fronts' Growing Clout in Canadian Politics

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Future Canada? [SLG Illustration]

When the Prime Minister of Canada proudly identifies as a “feminist,” it raises concerns about the ideology he advocates for the country. We are aware that Canada was taken from the indigenous people who had inhabited the land for centuries, and their history was rewritten. This historical aspect resonates with LTTE fronts, as both are skilled at shaping a new narrative. Presently, Canada is governed by immigrants who significantly contribute to the national economy. If an Indian individual can become the Prime Minister of the UK, there is no reason why a handful of influential Tamil players cannot hold power in Canada. Whether they would rename it to Eelam is a separate matter, but considering the abilities of these Tamil lobbies and their success in persuading the Canadian Prime Minister to issue a “genocide” statement, it is evident that they yield considerable influence. Credit is due to them.

These LTTE fronts, once marginalized groups seeking asylum and refugees, have transformed into powerful entities. Where else would one find a terrorist openly displayed in shop windows, with authorities turning a blind eye? Where else would terrorist flags, symbols, and other paraphernalia be allowed for public display? They deserve acknowledgment for this.

They now operate legal firms, human rights organizations, and actively champion human rights, standing shoulder to shoulder with the highest echelons of Canadian society and politics. It is likely that they have greater access to Canadian leaders than our own High Commissioner in Canada. This is truly remarkable.

They enjoy carte blanche when it comes to fundraising, as Canadian authorities show little concern for the ultimate use of these funds. It is quite absurd to witness Canadian politicians attending LTTE memorials and issuing statements mourning the “dead LTTE.” The LTTE fronts deserve applause for this achievement. They have made fools out of white Canadians, and now some Sikhs are also joining their cause.

Now, let us consider a different perspective.

The LTTE fronts and their children have become well-known figures in Canada. They have established themselves, gained recognition, and achieved stature. Would they want to waste their time on Sri Lanka, a debt-ridden, politically compromised, and geopolitically vulnerable state? Even if they were to declare Eelam, would the neighboring giant allow them to rule freely? Would Western geopolitical alliances allow them to govern without interference or intervention? These questions must surely occupy the minds of those behind the LTTE fronts. Wouldn’t it be preferable for them to rule over Canada, with or without the name Eelam, given their growing influence?

Already, the LTTE fronts are establishing strongholds around key political structures in Canada. They are gradually adopting the same tactics and strategies in other Western countries as well.

It is evident that the white population is declining rapidly due to their own theories, which are now backfiring on them. Every country once ruled by the white man is now governed, controlled, or influenced by non-whites. Therefore, we should appreciate the progress the LTTE fronts have made on the international stage.

Their past involvement in funding armed terrorism is no more. Today, they are pursuing a political path that has allowed them to penetrate the Canadian political system. This serves as a blueprint for others in different parts of the world to follow. Whether they establish Eelam chapters or govern the country like Rishi Sunak is their choice. However, we should be proud of how far they have come.

Whether some perceive this as deceiving the Canadian Prime Minister and other politicians is a matter of debate. If a Prime Minister can be deceived, does he deserve to lead the nation? If politicians can be bought, should Canadian citizens vote for them? In a way, the LTTE fronts have exposed the flaws of these Canadian leaders.

Nevertheless, it is often said that

Shenali D Waduge

Shenali D Waduge is an independent political analyst based in Colombo


  1. Tamil genocide is still happening which started as soon as British left.
    “The LTTE did not come into being or grow into a world-class terror outfit in a vacuum. Without the Sinhala Only, the Tiger may have remained unborn. Without the Black July, the Tiger may not have grown exponentially. If the B-C Pact and the D-C Pact did not miscarry (thanks to the midwifery of Sinhala extremism), the LTTE, even if it was born, would have remained a fringe group.” http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2011/11/oppressed-north-lawless-south.html?m=1

    • Tamil genocide is still happening:
      1. Hyper-militarisation of war-torn North/East:
      ”Northern Province – 3 SFHQs + 1 Corps
      Eastern Province – 1 SFHQ
      The other seven provinces – 1 SFHQ” – List of current Sri Lanka Army formations
      2. Lands returned from HSZ is not posted publicly yet.
      Most of High Security Zone is still farmed by SFHQJ and some products are sold locally & some are sent to SevaVanitha Welfare Shops in the South
      3. PsyOps is intensely going on:
      i. presents to school children including English classes
      ii. meals for welfare homes for orphans and old people
      iii. game competitions like Basketball/Cricket are arranged for young men
      4. District and Divisional secretariats don’t call for tenders for building work in schools and roads – they are done by the Army for pay. They get their govt pay for doing NO military work.

  2. Thank you for pack of lies in your article. BTW if you have a problem with Canada’s policy position you are welcome to stop begging for foreign aid from Canada

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