Russia: What We Are Fighting For

Dedicated to the first anniversary of the start of the Special Military Operation in Donbass and Ukraine

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Donbass - A mother and her daughter stand inside a makeshift bomb shelter in the basement of their building. [ Photo: © Giorgio Bianchi/]


On February 24, 2022 the Special Military Operation in Donbass and Ukraine was launched by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Order of the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces President Vladimir Putin. The beginning of the Operation took place on the background of a serious crisis both in the system of international relations in Europe, and inside the Ukraine as a result of illegal coup d’état in 2014, organized directly by USA. That bloodshed was unleashed by Ukrainian nationalists, the main tool of the national traitors, charmed by the prospects to gain unlimited power, proposed by Americans.

The neo-Nazi regime was formed in Kiev, an ancient Russian city, in the waters of the Dnieper River near which the whole Russia was baptized in 10th century.This regime was formed – I’d like to stress that, – directly by Americans in collaboration with their European puppets. Orwell’s Order was established: good is bad, traitors are heroes, etc. The main idea was “we must do everything not like in Russia”. This idea is known also as a concept of “anti-Russia”. And the main problem is that the people that live there are Russians too, but they are made to forget about this totally, by rewriting history, destroying sacred monuments and institutions like canonic Church, burning books, – to cut a long story short, by full brainwashing.

The European countries showed their real faces too: they not only supported the illegal coup d’état and bloodshed. As occurred later, that was their first step in waging a full-scale war against Russia by using the people with the same origins and speaking mostly the same language. Nothing can be worse than a civil war, and they understand it. But, serving the diabolic ideas of uniting the Globe under the reign of the Americans, they often use this tool.

Today the battlefield is situated in Ukraine, but the battle is not for Ukraine only. It is for the principles of the future World order, in which our children will live and create a better existence. We are fighting for the freedom and life of Russia, targeted by the West.

Nevertheless, the Russian Side made numerous efforts to reduce tensions. We are the country that suffered the most from the World War II, and we don’t want war again. Our last and the most comprehensive effort was the proposal to give us security assurance. It means that the US-led NATO alliance should guarantee that Russia will not bethreatened by any means. But they refused to give us those guarantees. Why? – They grew up Nazis not to introduce them to Europe, but to fight with Russia. This situation is repeated by Europeans once-twice a century. They are dreaming to destroy our country, our way of life, to rob our natural resources, and to break the last obstacle to them to enslave everybody by their freaky demands, like blessing the same-sex marriages, kids gender changes and other abominations that are totally unacceptable for our culture and, we suppose, for the majority of the World.

After the Western refusal to guarantee our security there were no doubt that they have blessed the new iteration of war in Ukraine to exterminate the population that had a different view on the future of themselves and their children. Some days ago one senior – and not very young – American politician meant Ukraine told his voters that “democracy stands”. In his opinion, we suggest, democracy means the rule of Americans with suppression of dissent, with political murders, with high level of corruption and with no attention to the demands and temptations of people. Hypocrisy and double standards of the Western elite are so disgusting that never need to be described.

The impunity always causes serious problems, and the West has never been punished neither for their colonialism, nor for the numerous invasions around the world. This time they have aimed at invading Russia using their Ukrainian Nazi stooges, who were dreaming of massacres like their “heroes” Bandera and Shukhevich that served to the West too. They were dreaming of killing innocents, women and children not only in Donbass, but also in Crimea, Kuban, Rostov, Voronezh, Belgorod and Bryansk. The most inadequate of them even wanted to sprinkle Moscow Kremlin with blood. But the Western Media is very experienced in making an image of sheep for werewolves, and is still choking the World in its nets. That’s why there were a small number of humans in the world who really understood, why that was happening.

The United States and the West spent over 150 billion US dollars to keep the hotspot of conflict in Europe. Is this abigsum? You know the figures of your domestic economic problems and can easily compare it. But big business – big money. Do US need a strong Europe? No. They need it weak, dependent and controlled. They did their best to grow the “exalted” elite that does what the US want, that by their own hands destroy the European culture, history, industry and prestige. As during and after the World War II, as well as the whole US history, the wealth of America (and Britain) is being done on fighting and looting.

We are not fighting against the Ukrainian people. How one part of the body can struggle against another? We are fighting against the cancer cells in our common body, that are caused by cruel Western experiments. The cancer must be eliminated or it will kill its body.

These cancer cells in the body of our civilization are supported by the West in all spheres. The idea of the West is that this tumor would like to spread metastases to the whole body, while shouting that it is fully independent in all its actions and life. But it is not true. It is inspired by the experimentations, that are following the example of their Hitler’s predecessors. But unfortunately it sucks the juices from the very common body.

Curing this cancer, we have the following main aims: demilitarization, that means to stop the growth of the tumorto isolate it; and denazification that means to destroy the very opportunity to produce the cancer cells – false propaganda, that affects minds of the people and makes them be aggressive against others.

Saying it in the political language, the vision of demilitarization is legally proclaimed status of Ukraine as neutral state with no NATO forces, for example, missiles, and no accession of Ukraine to NATO. Denazification means to provide Russian language, spoken by 80% of the population, the status of the official language and cancelling all the discriminative laws against the ethnic minorities.

But the struggle in Ukraine is not only about the improvements of the state of the Russians who are living in that country. This crisis became possible because of the serious faults of the system of International Relations. That system was originated as a result of World War II and is based on the Rule of Law. Nevertheless, there was no decade in which this Law and Order had not been violated by the West. You can remember the war of Vietnam, for example. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union the Western powers felt that they will never be punished for ages! That’s why they really were going “off the chain”! In last 30 years they have invaded more than 30 countries and sponsored “regime changes” in several others. They unleashed a number of proxy wars, they created and pitted the gangs of international terrorists against several nations, including Russia. They were killing and injuring people “just for fun” in numerous “hidden” prisons, or even in the countries they occupied. They launched a big market of forced laborers, kidnapped children and young women forced to prostitution, they encouraged production and distribution of narcotics and established nets of illegal organ donations from the killed and injured soldiers and non-combatants in the areas of war. Their crimes can not be calculated.

All these crimes are still not investigated, and the criminals are not imprisoned. They are ruling corporations and even some states, but their future is ugly as well as their past. They are greedy and can not stop themselves. And those who are fascinated by the image of carefree life, created by Hollywood on the basis of that “masters of life” do not really understand what they are doing and how it can be resulted. We are fighting for the just world, for prosperity of all nations. They are fighting for their greed.

Today the battlefield is situated in Ukraine, but the battle is not for Ukraine only. It is for the principles of the future World order, in which our children will live and create a better existence. We are fighting for the freedom and life of Russia, targeted by the West now. West wants to destroy the very name of our state, people and culture. The want Russia not to exist. And our heroes are fighting now on the frontlines to exclude the implementation of the western plans, that became clearnow.

And we would like to address our beloved Ukrainian brothers, who, unfortunately,are now on the opposite side of the frontline. We are not fighting against you. YOU are used as a tool to destroy us. That is not a novel, remember how it was when during “ruina” you were set to fight each other by then Western mentors, Polacks? That was done to continue your exploitation by the Poland colonialists, to prevent your reunification with a rising Russia, to destroy finally your self-vision as Russian Orthodox Christians. Your leaders were intoxicated by Poland, byits bright image of “szlachta” (gentry). What have they given you finally? Western slavery and bloodshed. The hangover of your elite was very hard for the common people.

History always repeats. And this time the hangover, unfortunately, will be hard for you too.

The puppet regime in Kiev and its foreign sponsors will be defeated! Truth is on our side! The victory will be ours!

Views expressed are author’s own

Levan Dzhagaryan

Levan Dzhagaryan is the Ambassador of Russia to Sri Lanka

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  1. I’m so embarrassed for the Russian people. This is the nonsense they are fed to accept the illegal attack of war Russia is committing in Ukraine?

    Sorry you have such a bad reputation Russia, but maybe stop being so bitter about the Cold War for a bit & focus on making your country & the lives of the citizens better.

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