Glimpses of an endgame in Ukraine

The problem with the war in Ukraine is that it has been all smoke and mirrors. The Russian objectives of “demilitarisation” and “de-Nazification” of Ukraine wore a surreal look. The western narrative


When We Let War In, We Win


There are no results from the Ukrainian counteroffensive. It is exactly like that. It is not just our propaganda, it is an objective fact that cannot be smeared and relativised by any


The Prigozhin Enigma

One of my readers took note that I was wrong about Prigozhin. I had argued that Prigozhin was no longer the leader of Wagner and had been sidelined and was missing. But


World Hunger and the War in Ukraine

On Monday, June 17, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, announced, “The Black Sea agreements are no longer in effect.” This was a blunt statement to suspend the Black Sea


Biden’s Cluster Bombs Madness

When certain lines are crossed, the nature of other things becomes clearer. Providing cluster bombs to the Ukrainian military is such a rubicon. The pretense that the NATO sponsored forces have some

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