Tourists Break $200,000 Italian Statue

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Broken pieces of the statue "Dormina" lay on the ground after German tourists staying at Villa Alceo knocked it over and broke it. The villa's manager has filed a complaint against all 17 tourists.TGCOM 24

German tourists, allegedly including influencer Janis Danner, rented out a villa in Lombardy, Italy, and knocked over a 19th-century fountain statue worth $200,000, said Euronews.

“The boys did not respect the ban on entering the fountain and were filmed by video surveillance cameras while two of them embraced the statue, dropping it and destroying it, while four of their comrades shot videos with their cell phones,” said Bruno Golferini, the villa’s manager.

The article reported that the incident was the latest act of tourist transgressions after the Roman Colosseum was defaced. Earlier in 2023, a Polish tourist climbed a Mayan temple, which is against the rules at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

by Saurav Sarkar from the Globetrotter News Service

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