Unmasking the Conspiracy: Abubakkar’s Innocence Vindicated, No Links to Sarah Jasmine Confirmed in Parliament

In a startling revelation, Minister of Public Security Tiran Alles lays bare the unsettling truth behind Abubakkar's harrowing journey, igniting a nationwide uproar. The plight of a man wrongfully imprisoned and now cutting oranges for survival becomes a symbol of a justice system under scrutiny.

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Tiran Alles, Minister of Public Security, [Photo: Business Today]

by Our Defence Affairs Correspondent

In a surprising twist of events, the previously unverified death of Pulastini Mahendran, better known as Sara Jasmine, owing to incomplete DNA tests, has exposed a disconcerting narrative marred by truth, injustice, and a murky conspiracy. At the heart of this revelation lies Naguru Thambi Abubakkar, a man compelled to eke out a livelihood by vending coconuts on a street corner, a consequence of the grim challenges posed by unemployment.

The Minister of Public Security, Tiran Alles, has resolutely reaffirmed the innocence of Naguru Thambi Abubakkar. In a solemn declaration, Minister Alles has divulged that the available evidence fails to establish any concrete connection between Abubakkar and the alleged involvement with Sara Jasmine. This purported incident is said to have transpired immediately following a catastrophic bomb blast at a secure hideout in the Bolivarian village of Saindamarudu. This hideout was sought refuge by family members and associates of Zahran Hasim in the aftermath of the Easter bombings.

During a pivotal two-day parliamentary debate addressing the Easter attack, Minister Alles delivered a fervent address that rocked the very foundations of the justice system. Abubakkar, an individual who had endured more than three years of wrongful imprisonment, has emerged from the shadows of incarceration in a shocking turn of events, released without any substantiated evidence tying him to any criminal act.

Yet, the disconcerting facet of this unfolding saga lies in Abubakkar’s current predicament. Despite the overwhelming evidence supporting his innocence, the Attorney General’s Department persists in upholding charges against him, effectively thwarting any prospects of restoration his dignity. Consequently, Abubakkar has been forced into a precarious existence, laboring at a street corner to carve out a livelihood, emblematic of the profound miscarriage of justice that has beset him.

Abubakkar, a former officer responsible for the Akkarapattuwa police garage, found himself incarcerated in July 2020 on allegations of evidence tampering in connection with the Saindamarudu bombing. However, a meticulous investigation has unearthed a startling revelation – the double cab implicated in the accusations had been undergoing extensive repairs and was rendered inoperative during the critical period in question.

The revelation that would send shockwaves across the nation emanated from Arjuna Mahinkanda, the Chief Investigating Officer of the Easter attack committee, who currently resides abroad after early retirement. Mahinkanda had leveled charges against Abubakkar, positing that Sara Jasmine had managed to escape her captors. This assertion gained traction after DNA tests conducted on 26 biological samples, collected on May 2nd, 2019, and June 7th, 2019, failed to definitively establish the demise of Sara Jasmine. However, the revelation made by the Minister of Public Security in Parliament has laid bare the disconcerting inadequacies in the initial DNA testing procedures.

Abubakkar’s professional journey commenced on January 18, 1988, when he assumed the role of a Sub Inspector in the Sri Lanka Police. Over the years, he served dutifully in various regions, including Trincomalee, Uppuveli, and Jaffna. Today, at the age of 59, he finds himself relegated to selling oranges to eke out a modest existence, serving as a stark reminder of the profound impact of a justice system that has, in his case, failed lamentably.

As the nation grapples with the startling revelation that Abubakkar’s life and livelihood were unjustly stripped from him, it beckons a solemn reckoning for a long-overdue restoration of justice. The darkness surrounding the alleged abduction of Sara Jasmine now begins to lift, shedding light on a saga that warrants the utmost scrutiny and investigative rigor.

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