Are Chinese Aircraft Carriers a Big Threat?

China is devoting a great effort in building aircraft carriers.  It has already deployed two conventionally powered carriers, the Liaoning Type 001 (60,000 tons) and the Shandong Type 002 (65,000 tons).  China


Why is the West Moving to Replace Zelensky?

There is a growing consensus that the West (meaning the United States with the help of the UK) wants to replace Ukraine’s president, Volodomir Zelensky.  My friend and colleague Larry Johnson thinks the CIA


Zelensky is at war — With his Generals


Volodomir Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, is at war –with his generals.  He has admonished the head of the Ukrainian armed services, Valery Zaluzhny, who last week told the Economist “Just like in the First World War, we have

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