Breaking: Four IS men, Believed to be Sri Lankan Nationals, Arrested in India

Four Suspected ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Ahmedabad , India

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Four suspected ISIS terrorists have been arrested from the Ahmedabad airport

Four suspected ISIS terrorists were arrested at the Ahmedabad airport, days after a bomb threat had been received. The individuals are believed to be Sri Lankan citizens.

The arrests were carried out by the Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) while the suspects were reportedly waiting for their handler. Sources indicate the handler was meant to assign them a specific task. Encrypted chats recovered from their phones have provided crucial evidence in the investigation.

Reports suggest that agents in Pakistan had promised the suspects weapons, presumably for use in an imminent attack. However, the suspects were apprehended before they could acquire these weapons or proceed to their target location.

The suspects allegedly traveled from Sri Lanka to Ahmedabad via Chennai. Their arrest preempted any potential threat they might have posed.

On May 12, the Ahmedabad airport received a bomb threat email which was later determined to be a hoax. The threat prompted a thorough search of the airport complex by security personnel, but no suspicious items were found. The email was sent to the official account of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, according to Commissioner of Police GS Malik.

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