Legacy creation


There is a lot to contend with when you are climbing the political career ladder these days. No longer is it a case of head down, work hard, deliver on your promises


From absurdities to atrocities, again?

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition. But certainty is an absurd one.” ~ Voltaire (Letter to Fredrick the Great – 28.11.1770) Sri Lanka’s road to ruin was marked by miracles. The story,


Students Go After the Hypocrites

New York – I was kicked out of New York’s prestigious Collegiate private school many moons ago for ‘revolutionary and disruptive activities.’ Thank goodness my wise parents sent me to the International School of


Campus Activism for Gaza Ignites

Students at more than 40 universities and colleges in the United States and around the world have lit a fire under the Palestine solidarity movement by setting up encampments on their campuses. They are


Abusing the Media in Afghanistan

Since its ‘comeback’ in August 2021 the Taliban have detained journalists, shut down and controlled media organisations, and imposed harsher restrictions on female reporters. The once vibrant and active independent and free


Chhattisgarh: Bastions Breached

On April 16, 2024, in the second ever most successful operation in terms of Maoist fatalities in Chhattisgarh, at least 29 Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) cadres, including senior leaders, were killed

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