Sri Lanka: Pre-Election Hoodwinks


Public opinion last week overwhelmingly welcomed the resignation of former Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella, widely perceived to be responsible for the chaos the country’s once proud health sector has plunged into. We


The American Dilemma of War

Many argue that the United States should not have involved itself in the Ukraine war. For some, it’s a matter of national interest; for others, it’s simply too expensive. There are those


Lenin on Israel and Ukraine Battlefields

It is now a century since Vladimir Lenin’s death, and more than three decades since his Bolshevik project collapsed. But while much of his political life was highly problematic from today’s perspective,


Nuland leaves sense of foreboding in Kiev

The commencement of political upheavals in world affairs sometimes lies with a seemingly obscure event. This is not to say that the shooting down of a Russian Ilyushin-76 military transport plane carrying

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