Enigmas Behind Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka: Sonic-Sonic — Part 1

The magnitude of this operation cannot be overstated, as its primary objective was the tracking down of individuals still tied to the tragic Easter bombings.  

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Official emblem of the State Intelligence Service (SIS)

There is a substantial amount of misleading information surrounding the Easter Sunday bombings, which has ultimately eroded the significance of intelligence activities and the dedication of intelligence operatives. One notable instance is ‘Sonic-Sonic,’ an extraordinary covert operation initiated by the State Intelligence Service in Sri Lanka. Presented here is a concise overview of ‘Sonic-Sonic,’ originally published in a lengthy essay in Ceylon Today yesterday. It is generally not advisable for any responsible government to disclose the details of such an operation to the public. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka, a unique nation in many ways, has compromised its own integrity within the system by endangering the lives of a very few skilled operatives. – Editors

It has been unequivocally established that Sonic-Sonic is not to be identified as Inspector Bandara, the former direct superior of Sonic-Sonic. Instead, he emerges as a covert intelligence operative, a vital cog in the intricate machinery of the State Intelligence Service, masterminding a brilliant clandestine operation.

This revelation came to light roughly five months after the catastrophic attack, painstakingly unveiled through a meticulously compiled report that was subsequently submitted to the court. Regrettably, conspiracy theorists have sought to mislead the public by propagating a distorted narrative. 

According to the findings, this seasoned officer dedicated a full four months to amassing vital intelligence, a critical pursuit initiated after receiving verified information from the Middle East Station of a Foreign Intelligence Agency. This intelligence was instrumental in dismantling the network associated with Podi Zahran.

The magnitude of this operation cannot be overstated, as its primary objective was the tracking down of individuals still tied to the tragic Easter bombings.   Furthermore, it is imperative to underscore that despite the Islamic State (IS) refraining from claiming responsibility for the attack, no official representative of the State Intelligence Service ever suggested IS involvement. There was no undue pressure or coercion imposed upon this officer to manufacture such a claim. It is incumbent upon all of us to exercise restraint in passing judgment regarding the exceptional public service contributions made by this officer, who continues to serve tirelessly.

Let us collectively endeavour to shield his personal life from unwarranted intrusion, for individuals of his calibre are indeed a rare breed.

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