NATO Accelerates Its Conflict With China

At the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Washington, the focus was on Ukraine. In the Washington Declaration, the NATO leaders wrote, “Ukraine’s future is in NATO.” Ukraine formally applied to join NATO in


Imperial Ambitions: NATO’s Uncertain Path

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  The name should have been changed long ago, when NATO shifted its focus and operations south and eastward. NATO is shifting once again, most seriously by expanding


Asian ‘Nato’ encircles China

Major new announcements this month indicate that the US is intent on escalating its military interference in the Asia-Pacific and the seas around China. The first announcement by the defence ministers of


Lack of a Coherent NATO Policy


Speaking in North Carolina on a rare campaign stop. President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin “a butcher.”  Before that, Biden had referred to Putin as a “thug” and a “crazy SOB.”

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