Dispatches: Easter Attack Secrets

This series on the Easter attacks carried out by a group of suicide bombers inspired by Islamic State (IS) ideology in 2019. Yet, the persisting conspiracy theories continue to cast shadows, regrettably obscuring the truth and jeopardizing national security in Sri Lanka.

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Postscript to Easter Bombings Debate in Parliament

Shadowy Veil of Fanaticism

In the aftermath of the catastrophic Easter Sunday bombings in 2019, orchestrated by fanatics fueled by the venomous ideology of Islamic State, a sinister shroud of conspiracy theories and concealed realities has ominously eclipsed the tragic events. A two-day parliamentary debate has blurred the very boundaries that separate stark fact from insidious fiction, ensnaring the noble quest for justice in the treacherous web of political agendas.  READ MORE

Did the victims of the Easter Attacks tragically fall prey to a manipulative fraudster who swindled millions from innocent Tamil and Muslim people in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka?