France’s Hypocrisy on Asylum for Drug Lords & Criminals Must End

The international community must hold France accountable for this egregious act.

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France’s recent decision to grant political asylum to notorious organized criminal Kanjipani Imran, as revealed by informed sources, is not just a grave mistake; it is a glaring act of hypocrisy that undermines the very democratic principles France and other Western nations claim to uphold. This act of granting sanctuary to a drug lord, red-noticed by Interpol, is a stark reminder of the double standards that plague international politics.

Kanjipani Imran, a figure of immense infamy, initially fled to Dubai where he continued his criminal activities unabated. Arrested and brought back to Sri Lanka in 2019, he managed to escape again, this time through Mannar to India, eventually landing in France where he has now been granted political asylum. This sequence of events not only highlights the failures of international law enforcement but also raises critical questions about France’s commitment to justice.

France’s decision is particularly galling given the constant demands for justice and accountability it places on other nations. Western embassies in Colombo, for example, have been vocal in their pursuit of justice for unproven allegations against Sri Lanka and its security forces. Yet, when it comes to their own actions, these nations seem more than willing to harbor criminals and money launderers, betraying their professed ideals of democracy and justice.

This hypocritical stance must end. It is unconscionable for countries that pride themselves on democratic values to provide refuge to individuals whose actions directly undermine these values. By granting asylum to Kanjipani Imran, France is not just providing a safe haven to a criminal but is also sending a dangerous message: that their commitment to justice is selective and self-serving.

The international community must hold France accountable for this egregious act. There must be a unified call for transparency and consistency in the application of asylum laws, ensuring that they are not exploited to shield those who pose a serious threat to global security and justice. The credibility of nations that champion democracy hinges on their willingness to act with integrity and fairness.

France’s actions have cast a shadow over its reputation as a defender of human rights and justice. It is time for France, and other nations engaging in similar practices, to confront their hypocrisy and align their actions with their proclaimed values. Period.

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