Modi Govt. Has Always Been Supportive of Sri Lanka and Tamils —Thondaman

Speaking to the Sri Lanka Guardian in New Delhi, Thondaman, says,” The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has been always supportive of Sri Lanka and we will always be thankful to him for the steps he has taken.”

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File Photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi [ Special Arrangement]

The Governor of Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, Mr Senthil Thondaman, says the twin culture of Tamils in India and Sri Lanka has been there for generations and will continue to strive further.

Speaking to the Sri Lanka Guardian in New Delhi, Mr Thondaman, says,” The Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, has been always supportive of Sri Lanka and we will always be thankful to him for the steps he has taken.”

He also said that the step taken by the Sri Lankan government to make it visa-free entry for tourists from India and six other countries, is a boost to the tourism sector in the country. He further said the opening of a branch of the State Bank of India in Trincomalee last month, is also going to help Indian investors in the island nation.

Mr Thondaman was in the headquarters of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, in New Delhi to receive the commemorative stamp on 200 years of arrival of Indian-origin Tamils in Sri Lanka.

It was released by the President of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr J P Nadda in the presence of BJP’s Tamil Nadu state chief, Mr K Annamalai and other dignitaries from the Bharatiya Janata Party and Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Workers’ Congress. A short video documentary was also screened tracing the history of the arrival of Tamils in Sri Lanka during the British rule in the sub-continent and it also portrayed the work done by the Indian government under Mr Narendra Modi for the Tamil population.

Mr Nadda shared his experience of working for the Indian-origin Tamils in Sri Lanka as the Health Minister and acknowledged the hardships faced by them in the past. “The government of India is committed in extending support to the Indian origin Tamils living in Sri Lanka for the last nine years and will do so in the coming years.”

Mr. Annamalai said that the Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has always considered Sri Lanka, “our civilisational twin” and has been always supportive of the island nation with humanitarian and financial aid during its times of distress.”

He also said,” The Modi government had sanctioned 14,000 houses in addition to setting up other facilities in areas where the Tamil population resides.

Speaking about India’s support to Sri Lanka during hard times, Mr Thondaman told the Sri Lanka Guardian, “The support we got from the Indian government during Covid was really inspiring and will always be remembered.”

He also thanked the BJP for the steps its government has taken for the welfare of the Tamil community.

[Photo: Sri Lanka Guardian]

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