Our Ram has finally arrived: Modi’s Full Speech in Ayodhya

PM Modi said, will "no longer live in a tent". Saying that this moment of consecration is a blessing from Lord Ram, he said January 22 is "not a date on a calendar, but the dawn of a new era"

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Indian PM Modi Shares His 'Ram Rajya' Vision In Ayodhya , yesterday 22, January 2024

After 550 years of long wait, Lord Ram finally returned to Ayodhya today when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi consecrated the idol or Ram Lalla at the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya during the grand Pran Pratishtha ceremony. Addressing the large gathering after the ‘pran pratistha’ rituals at the grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said, “Our Ram has finally arrived.”

Ram Lalla, he said, will “no longer live in a tent”. Saying that this moment of consecration is a blessing from Lord Ram, he said January 22 is “not a date on a calendar, but the dawn of a new era”.

Army helicopters showered flower petals on the newly constructed Janmabhoomi temple as the ‘pran pratishtha’ ceremony took place. Thousands of guests were present during the ceremony.

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Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jai!

Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jai!

My greetings to respected saints and sages present on the stage, all the devotees of Ram present here and connected from every corner of the world. Ram Ram to everyone!

Today, our Ram has arrived! Our Ram has arrived after centuries of anticipation. Our Lord Ram has arrived after unprecedented patience, countless sacrifices, renunciations, and penance. Congratulations to all of you, to all the citizens of the country, on this auspicious moment.

I am present before you after bearing witness to the divine consciousness in the sanctum sanctorum. There is so much to say, but my throat is choked. My body is still trembling, and my mind is still immersed in that moment. Our Ram Lalla will no longer reside in a tent. Our Ram Lalla will now reside in this divine temple. I have firm belief and boundless faith that the experience of what has transpired now will be felt by Ram devotees across the country and around the world. This moment is transcendental. It is the holiest of moments. This atmosphere, this environment, this energy, this time… it is the blessing of Lord Shri Ram upon us. Sunrise has brought a remarkable aura to January 22, 2024. January 22, 2024, is not just a date on the calendar. It marks the beginning of a new era. Since the ‘bhoomi pujan’ (groundbreaking) ceremony of the Ram Temple, enthusiasm and excitement has been growing daily across the country. Watching the construction, a new sense of confidence was being born among the citizens. Today, we have got the legacy of centuries-old patience; today, we have the temple of Lord Ram. Rising above the mentality of slavery and taking courage from every challenge of the past, the nation is creating the genesis of a new history. Even a thousand years from now, people will discuss this date, this moment. It is a great blessing of Lord Ram that we are living this moment, witnessing it happen. Today, the days, directions, and all the corners of the world… everything is filled with divinity. This time is not ordinary. These are indelible memory lines inscribed on the wheel of time with eternal ink.


We all know that Pavan Putra (son of the wind) Hanuman is always present wherever any work related to Ram happens. Therefore, I bow to the Ram devotee Hanuman and Hanumangarhi. I offer my respects to Mother Janaki, Lakshman ji, Bharat-Shatrughna, and to the sacred Ayodhyapuri and the holy Sarayu River. I am having a divine experience at this moment with whose blessings this great work has been accomplished… those divine souls, those celestial manifestations are also present around us at this time. I express my gratitude to all these divine consciousnesses. I also seek forgiveness today from Lord Shri Ram for any shortcomings in our efforts, sacrifices, and penance that might have prevented us from accomplishing this task for so many centuries. Today, that shortcoming has been fulfilled. I believe that Lord Ram will surely forgive us today.

My dear countrymen,

When Lord Ram returned in the Treta Yuga, Tulsidas ji wrote –

प्रभु बिलोकि हरषे पुरबासी। जनित वियोग बिपति सब नासी।

It means all the residents of Ayodhya and the entire country were filled with joy upon the arrival of the Lord. The crisis that had arisen due to the prolonged separation came to an end. In that era, the separation was only for 14 years, and even then it was unbearable. In this age, the residents of Ayodhya and the country have endured separation for centuries. Many generations of ours have endured separation. Even in the first page of our Constitution, Lord Ram is enshrined. Despite the existence in the Constitution, there was a legal battle over the existence of Lord Ram for decades. I express my gratitude to the Indian judiciary, which upheld the dignity of justice. The temple of Lord Ram has also been built in a just and lawful manner.


Today, there are congregations of devotional singing and chanting across villages. Celebrations are happening in temples, and cleanliness campaigns are underway. The entire country is celebrating today as if it were Diwali. Preparations are being made to light the ‘Ram Jyoti’ (divine lamp) of Lord Ram in every household in the evening. Yesterday, I was at the sacred spot of Arichal Munai in Dhanushkodi, the starting point of the Ram Setu, with the blessings of Lord Ram. The moment when Lord Ram set out to cross the ocean was a moment that changed the course of time. It was my humble attempt to feel that emotional moment. I offered floral tributes there. I felt a belief within me that just as the wheel of time changed at that moment, it will change again now in a positive direction. During my 11-day observance, I made an effort to touch the places where the feet of Lord Ram had trodden. Whether it was the Panchavati Dham in Nashik, the sacred Triprayar Temple in Kerala, Lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh, the Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam, the Ramanathaswamy temple in Rameswaram, or Dhanushkodi… I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to undertake a pilgrimage from the ocean to the Sarayu River with this pure and sacred sentiment. From the ocean to the Sarayu, everywhere the festive spirit of the name of Ram has spread. Lord Ram is connected to every particle of the soul of Bharat. Ram resides within the inner selves of the people of Bharat. If we touch the inner soul of anyone in Bharat, we will experience this unity, and this sentiment will be found everywhere. What else can be a more sublime and more organizing principle for the country?

My dear countrymen,

I have had the opportunity to listen to the Ramayana in different languages across various corners of the country in the past 11 days. Describing Lord Ram, the sages have said — रमन्ते यस्मिन् इति रामः॥ which means, the one in whom one becomes engrossed is Ram. Ram is omnipresent in the memories, from festivals to traditions. People have lived Ram in every era. In every era, people have expressed Ram in their own words, in their own ways. And this essence of Ram continues to flow like the stream of life. From ancient times, people in every corner of Bharat have been savouring the essence of Ram. Ramkatha is infinite and Ram is eternal. The ideals, values and the teachings of Ram are the same everywhere.

Dear countrymen,

In this historic moment, the nation is also remembering those individuals whose actions and dedication have led us to witness this auspicious day. Many people have shown the pinnacle of sacrifice and penance in the service of Ram’s cause. We all owe a debt to the countless devotees of Ram, the numerous ‘Kar Sevaks’ (volunteers) and the countless saints and spiritual leaders.


Today’s occasion is not just a celebration but also a moment of realization of the maturity of Indian society. This occasion is not only about victory but also about humility for us. History bears witness that many nations have been entangled in their own history. Whenever these nations attempted to unravel the tangled knots of their history, they faced tremendous difficulties, and often the situation became even more complicated than before. However, the way our country has opened this chapter of history with seriousness and emotional fervour indicates that our future is becoming exceedingly beautiful from our past. There was a time when some people claimed that if the Ram Temple is built, it will lead to chaos. Such individuals failed to comprehend the sanctity of Bharat’s social sentiments. The construction of this temple for Ram Lalla signifies the peace, patience, mutual harmony, and coordination of Indian society. We are witnessing that this construction is not causing any fire but, in fact, is giving birth to energy. The construction of the Ram Temple is also a symbol of inspiration for every section of society to progress on the path of a bright future. I invite those people today… please experience it, rethink your perspective. Ram is not fire; Ram is energy. Ram is not a dispute; Ram is a solution. Ram is not just ours; Ram belongs to everyone. Ram is not just present; Ram is eternal.


The way the world has come together on the “Pran Pratistha’ (consecration ceremony) of the Ram Temple today, we are witnessing the universality of Lord Ram. Just as the celebration is happening in Bharat, similar celebrations are taking place in many other countries. Today, this festival in Ayodhya has become a celebration of the global traditions of the Ramayana. The consecration of Ram Lalla is also recognition of the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family).


It’s not just the consecration of the idol of Lord Ram in Ayodhya today, but also the consecration of unwavering faith in Indian culture in the form of Lord Ram. It is also the consecration of human values and ultimate ideals. The need for these values and ideals is universal today. The resolve of सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन: has been echoed for centuries, and today, that resolve has manifested in the form of the Ram Temple. This temple is not just a mere shrine; it is the manifestation of Bharat’s vision, philosophy, and insight. It is a temple of national consciousness in the form of Lord Ram. Ram is the faith of Bharat; Ram is the foundation of Bharat. Ram is the thought of Bharat; Ram is the constitution of Bharat. Ram is the consciousness of Bharat; Ram is the contemplation of Bharat. Ram is the pride of Bharat; Ram is the glory of Bharat. Ram is a continuous flow; Ram is an influence. Ram is an idea; Ram is also a policy. Ram is eternal, Ram is perpetual. Ram is pervasive, Ram is universal. Ram is the soul of the world. And therefore, when the consecration of Ram takes place, its impact is not just for years or centuries; its impact lasts for thousands of years. Maharishi Valmiki said,

राज्यम् दश सहस्राणि प्राप्य वर्षाणि राघवः।

Meaning, Ram’s kingdom was established for thousands of years, i.e., Ram Rajya was established for thousands of years. When Ram came in the Treta Yuga, the establishment of Ram Rajya took place for thousands of years. For thousands of years, Ram continued to guide the world. Therefore, my dear fellow countrymen,

Today, the sacred land of Ayodhya is posing a question to all of us, every devotee of Lord Ram, and every Indian. The grand temple of Lord Ram has been built, so what’s next? The wait of centuries has come to an end. Now, what lies ahead? On this occasion, the divine spirits present to bless us are witnessing us; how will we bid them farewell? No, certainly not. Today I feel with a virtuous heart that the wheel of time is turning. It is a happy coincidence that our generation has been chosen as the architect of a timeless path. The generations after a thousand years will remember our nation-building efforts today. Therefore, I say – this is the time, the right time. From today, from this sacred moment, we must lay the foundation for the next thousand years of Bharat. Beyond the temple construction, we, as a nation, must pledge to build a capable and glorious Bharat from this very moment. Ram’s thoughts should be in the mind as well as in the mind of the people, this is the step towards nation building.


The demand of the present era is that we need to expand our consciousness. Our awareness should expand from the divine to the nation, from Ram to the entire nation. The devotion of Hanuman, the service of Hanuman, the dedication of Hanuman—these are qualities that we should not seek outside. The emotions of devotion, service, and dedication in every Indian will form the foundation of a capable and glorious Bharat. And this is the expansion of consciousness—from the divine to the nation and from Ram to the entire nation! As soon as I think of my tribal mother Shabari, who spent her life in a remote hut in the distant jungle, an incredible faith awakens. Mother Shabari had been saying for ages, “Ram will come.” This faith, the emotions of devotion, service, and dedication in every Indian will form the foundation of a capable, glorious, and divine Bharat. And this is the expansion of consciousness—from the divine to the nation and from Ram to the entire nation! We all know that the friendship of Nishadraj goes beyond all bounds. The attraction of Nishadraj towards Ram, and Lord Ram’s sense of belonging for Nishadraj, how fundamental it is! Everyone is our own, everyone is equal. The feelings of belongingness and brotherhood in every Indian will form the foundation of a capable, glorious, and divine Bharat. And this is the expansion of consciousness—from the divine to the nation and from Ram to the entire nation!


Today, there is no place for despair in the country, not even a bit. I am very ordinary, I am very small; if someone thinks so, they should remember the contribution of the squirrel. Remembering the squirrel’s contribution will dispel our hesitation and teach us that every effort, big or small, has its strength and contribution. The spirit of ‘Sabka Prayas’ (everyone’s efforts) will become the foundation of a capable, glorious, and divine Bharat. And this is the expansion of consciousness—from the divine to the nation and from Ram to the entire nation!


Ravan, the King of Lanka, was immensely knowledgeable and possessed vast powers. However, look at the unwavering devotion of Jatayu; he confronted the mighty Ravan. Even though he knew he couldn’t defeat Ravan, he still challenged him. This commitment to duty is the foundation of a capable, glorious, and divine Bharat. This is the expansion of consciousness—from the divine to the nation and from Ram to the entire nation! Let us resolve to dedicate every moment of our lives to the construction of the nation. Let the work for the nation be our devotion to Ram, and let every moment of time, every particle of our bodies, be dedicated to the service of Ram, with the goal of serving the nation.

My countrymen,

The worship of Lord Shri Ram should be special for us. This worship should rise above the self and be for the collective. This worship should transcend the ego and be for us as a community. The offerings made to the Lord will also be the reward for our dedication towards the development of a ‘Viksit Bharat’. We need to present Lord Ram with the offerings of consistent valour, effort, and dedication. By consistently worshipping Lord Ram in this manner, we will be able to make Bharat prosperous and developed.

My dear countrymen,

This is the ‘Amrit Kaal’ of Bharat’s development. Today, Bharat is filled with the reservoir of youth power, brimming with energy. Positive circumstances like these will arise after who knows how long. We must not miss this opportunity; we must not sit idle. I would like to say to the youth of my country – in front of you lies the inspiration of thousands of years of tradition. You represent that generation of Bharat… which is hoisting the Tricolour on the moon, which is making Mission Aditya successful by travelling 15 lakh kilometers, going near the sun, which is waving the flag of Tejas in the sky… and the banner of Vikrant in the ocean. Be proud of your heritage and write about the new dawn of Bharat. Embracing the sacredness of tradition and the endless possibilities of modernity, Bharat will reach the goals of prosperity by walking on both these paths.

My friends,

The time to come is now the time of success. The upcoming time is now the time of accomplishment. This magnificent Ram Temple will bear witness to the rise of Bharat, the dawn of Bharat. This grand Ram Temple will bear witness to the prosperity of Bharat, the development of Bharat! This temple teaches us that if the goal is validated by truth, if the goal is born out of collectivity and organized strength, then achieving that goal is not impossible. This is Bharat’s time, and Bharat is now going to move forward. After centuries of anticipation, we have reached here. We all have waited for this era, this period. Now, we will not stop. We will continue to rise to the heights of development. With this spirit, bowing down at the feet of Ram Lalla, I extend my heartfelt greetings to all of you. My humble respects to all the saints!

Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jai!

Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jai!

Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jai!

(DISCLAIMER: This is the approximate translation of PM’s speech. Original speech was delivered in Hindi.)

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