2024: Towards The European Revolution!

Your freedom is in your hands.

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This year, the West is anticipating revolutions.

There are two Wests — the globalist one and the normal one. The globalists represent West-1. And yet, they refuse to acknowledge the existence of anyone other than themselves. Therefore, they insist that there is no ‘second’ West — West-2. But it does exist.

We, the multipolar world, need to recognize the existence of this West-2 as clearly as possible.

It consists of various forces that disagree with the ultraliberal globalist agenda of the elites.

There are leftists like Sahra Wagenknecht and her new party. ‘Red Sahra’ (a Valkyrie of Iranian-German descent) is becoming a symbol of illiberal leftist Europe.

In Italy, the bright theorist of the same direction is Diego Fusaro — a student of the Marxist and anti-globalist Costanzo Preve.

In France, such figures include Alain Soral, Michel Onfray, Jean-Claude Michéa, and Serge Latouche.

These leftists are primarily enemies of global capital. They differ from the pseudo-leftists, bought at the root by Soros, who mainly support LGBT, Ukrainian Nazism, the genocide in Gaza, and uncontrolled immigration, but are against Russia and what their capitalist masters, being liberal Nazis themselves, call ‘fascism’.

There is also a right-wing component — severely battered, but in many European countries it represents the second most significant political force — for example, Marine Le Pen in France.

In Germany, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and other smaller movements are gaining strength, especially in Prussia (formerly known as the German Democratic Republic).

In Italy, despite the liberal weakness of Meloni, the right half of society has not disappeared.

And all the right-wing populism has not gone anywhere either.

But the main thing in West-2 are the ordinary citizens, who understand nothing about politics. They just cannot keep up with the demands to change gender, forcibly castrate their little sons, marry goats, bring in and feed even more wild Ukrainian maniacs and migrants unable to take care of themselves and lacking basic hygiene, recite nightly prayers to Greta Thunberg, eat cockroaches, and curse the Russians, who have done them no harm. The Western commoner, the petty bourgeois, is the mainstay of the coming uprising. He has stopped understanding the liberal elites. He is irreversibly lagging behind the acceleration of degeneration and degradation demanded by these elites.

The multipolar world must help the European Revolution.

West-2 consists of ordinary people who are not to blame for anything. Democratically, they have no chance to change the situation — simply because there has been no democracy in the West for a long time. West-1 has established a direct globalist liberal dictatorship — primarily over West-2.

The only thing left is to overthrow the power of the usurpers through revolutionary means.

This is the agenda for Europe in 2024.

Your freedom is in your hands.

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin is a Russian political theorist known for his nationalist views and controversial ideologies. He advocates for a Eurasian empire, challenges Western liberal democracy, and promotes a multipolar world order. Dugin's ideas have influenced nationalist and far-right movements, but his radicalism and alleged connections to fringe groups have drawn criticism. Despite the controversy, he remains a significant figure in the study of Russian political thought and geopolitics.

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