Army’s Vigilance: 482 Arrested in Sri Lanka Drug Crackdown

Sri Lanka Army's Vigilance Results in Arrest of 482 Suspects in 2023, Uncovering Major Drug Trafficking Network

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During the operation [Photo: Sri Lanka Army]

In a significant development, the Sri Lanka Army’s relentless efforts against illegal drug activities have led to the arrest of 482 suspects involved in drug trafficking during the year 2023. Acting on the directives of the Army Commander, various relevant bodies expanded their intelligence duties, facilitating joint operations with the Sri Lanka Police and the Special Task Force.

Recent operations conducted by this collaborative effort have revealed substantial quantities of illicit substances, including 320 kg of Kerala Ganja, 93 kg of Cannabis, and 03 kg of Crystal Methamphetamine (Ice). Additionally, significant amounts of heroin, mawa drugs, kush drugs, and hash (Hashish) drugs have been confiscated based on intelligence provided by the army.

The collective efforts have resulted in the confiscation of almost 500,000 ganja plants, 350,000 drugs, and 54,000 illegally imported cigarettes. Legal proceedings have been initiated by the Sri Lanka Police and other law enforcement agencies against those involved in the illicit drug trade.

The arrested suspects also include a group involved in liquor smuggling, with 15 individuals apprehended with nearly four thousand liters of Goda and four hundred liters of illegal local liquor.

In a noteworthy development for 2024, the Sri Lanka Police Narcotics Bureau seized nearly four kilograms of the ice drug, marking the largest haul of the drug seized on land in the country in recent times.

According to the latest information from Army Intelligence in 2024, continued efforts have resulted in the detection of nearly 163 kg of Kerala ganja, almost 190 kg of local ganja, 2170 kg of illegal beedi leaves, 39380 illegal cigarettes, and 4780 pills. Additionally, 84698 ganja plants were found, leading to the arrest of 29 suspects along with the confiscation of 225 liters of Goda.

The Sri Lanka Army remains committed to combating illegal drug activities, and its ongoing efforts continue to make significant strides in curbing the illicit drug trade within the country.

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