A Massacre in Moscow

In an extraordinarily brutal assault, four gunmen armed with high-capacity assault rifles and a flamethrower stormed a packed concert venue, Crocus City Hall, on the outskirts of Moscow late Friday, slaughtering civilians


China’s Extradition Treaty Success

by Wu Qiong​ “On this day 30 years ago, China and Thailand signed the first bilateral extradition treaty, ushering in a new era in history of Sino-foreign cooperation in combating transnational crime.


Manipur: Ethnic Cauldron

On March 9, 2024, two civilians, Jangminlal and Jangminlen, were brutally assaulted by armed militants suspected to be Kuki Revolutionary Army-Unification (KRA-U) cadres, at Motbung Bazaar under the Sapermeina Police Station in


Proud Boys in Haiti


The way things are going in Haiti, violent gangs might not only gain an official government role; they might actually become the government. Following the gangs’ seizure of critical infrastructure and the resignation of Prime Minister

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