Exclusive: Cardinal’s Reckless Involvement in New Conspiracy on Easter Massacre

How a retired police officer turned YouTuber and an intelligence officer who reportedly defected soon after his tenure in the Sri Lankan mission abroad are attempting to weave a fresh conspiracy about the Easter Sunday Massacre to justify their asylum.

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His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo, met W. T. Ajith Dharmapala, a former Sri Lankan police officer turned YouTuber, in France, to build a fresh conspiracy. [File Photos]

by Our Special Correspondent in Geneva

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.” ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

Following minor knee surgery, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo, serving on an extension after retirement, recently travelled to France to strategise on “exposing” the purported conspiracy behind the Easter Sunday Attack, our sources in Geneva have informed. The Cardinal was in France to collect information for a written submission to the forthcoming UN Human Rights Council. During his stay, he met W. T. Ajith Dharmapala, a former Sri Lankan police officer turned YouTuber, and a few other selected groups of people. Dharmapala, who now resides in the UK, has faced numerous allegations of dereliction of duty during his tenure with the police. Despite his contentious past, he is now attempting to address national issues from abroad with multiple interests.

While we respect genuine efforts by individuals striving to improve their homeland, Dharmapala’s case raises serious concerns. He appears to be fabricating stories to defame select individuals without providing substantial evidence, positioning himself as a hero on international platforms. Over the past few years, he has been notably active across Europe, engaging with the UN Human Rights Commission affiliated Non-governmental organisations and other entities.

In France, Cardinal Ranjith expressed his nightly anxieties over Dharmapala’s video publications and encouraged Dharmapala to focus on discrediting select few and theories that would support his claims. As per inside sources, it is difficult for the Cardinal to reverse his claims. “Now it’s too late for him to change his stance to find the whole truth of the tragedy. Consequently, he has become a victim of the manifested conspiracy,” a source in Geneva added. “At times, we feel sad for this senior religious leader and the situation he is facing”.

Now, a new drama is unfolding to manipulate the Church and other interested parties. It is widely recognised that loyalty within intelligence circles is rare, with betrayal being a frequent occurrence. Sri Lankan intelligence is no exception.

Unmasking the Facade of Fabricated Conspiracies

The fresh dramatic incident in France involves a former intelligence officer who was stationed at the Sri Lankan Embassy in France recently. Before finishing his term, he sought refuge in Paris, stating that his and his wife’s lives are in danger if they return to Sri Lanka. To support his asylum plea, he sent his wife to Sri Lanka to obtain a standard passport, intending to relocate with his family. To substantiate his claims, he concocted elaborate stories, leveraging his intelligence background. He even tried his best to get support from many parties including pro-LTTE elements. Surprisingly, we have received, through our sources in the Geneva Human Rights Commission, a copy of the letter issued by a pro-LTTE TNA Member of Parliament on behalf of this officer, fabricating a detailed report.

A copy of the letter issued by a TNA MP

“Mr. , Member of Parliament in Sri Lanka from the Tamil National Alliance, wishes to bring to your kind attention that the undersigned Sri Lankan military officer and his family, presently residing in France, face serious life threats if they return to Sri Lanka. The main reason is that Sri Lankan political and defence authorities are aware that this officer holds valuable information regarding the Easter Sunday Attack which took place in 2019 in Sri Lanka. His wife has also been engaged in political activities in Sri Lanka during the past few years. Political authorities in the country are allegedly planning to cause harm to them before this officer can provide information/evidence to an independent inquiry. Both of them have undergone many harassments during their stay in Sri Lanka by ruling politicians and their associates due to their exposure of fundamental human rights violations committed by political authorities and other senior officials in Sri Lanka,” the letter reads.

“All peace-loving Sri Lankans, human rights organizations, the Catholic community, and all members of parliament in opposition need to protect this officer and his family until an international inquiry or independent national-level inquiry is commenced. As of now, it has been revealed that this attack was coordinated and conducted to gain political power,” it further adds.

“This officer and his family have already requested and appealed for protection (Asylum) from the French government.”

“I hereby respectfully request French authorities and UNHCR to consider his and his family’s request and grant protection until justice is served for them and innocent victims in Sri Lanka as a whole. On behalf of all the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka and victims of other human rights violations, as a member of parliament, I look forward to your thoughtful consideration of this officer and his family’s protection in France. You can reach me for further information through the contact details provided in this document,” the letter further adds.

The nexus of conspirators and their false allegations is clearly outlined in this letter. How is it possible that this officer and his wife faced harassment from the Sri Lankan government, especially considering his employment in a diplomatic post by the government? Moreover, if his wife was harassed, how did she manage to visit Sri Lanka to handle all logistics and documents necessary for their asylum in France? It’s concerning that this TNA MP deliberately deceived the French office of the UN Human Rights Commission and the French Authority.

It’s worth noting the account of the medical doctor who served at the National Hospital in Colombo. He treated Rilwan, the brother of Zahran, who tragically took his own life along with other family members in Sainthamaruthu. Rilwan had been admitted to the hospital using forged documents after being seriously injured in an explosive test (dry run) in the Eastern Province just weeks before the Easter Massacre suicide blasts. According to our sources, the doctor, who is employed by UNHCR and has a police warrant against him in Sri Lanka, recently managed to escape from a South Asian country to the United Kingdom.

If someone wants to know more details about the mastermind behind the Easter Massacre, they must support taking action against these sinister individuals who are now on the run. The conspiracy theories only deceive people who are truly committed to seeking truth while tremendously helping vested interested parties to fulfil their personal desires.

However, the narrative of this intelligence officer, who worked at the Sri Lankan embassy in France, intersects with Dharmapala’s activities, with the latter self-styling as an “investigative journalist.” The union of these two figures has ignited a fresh chapter in the unfolding saga of misinformation and purported conspiracies, adding layers of complexity to an already obscure terrain of exploiting a national tragedy for personal ends. From the institutional standpoint, particularly for military officers, this constitutes a bitter betrayal.

Ajith Dharmapala, currently residing in the UK, runs a YouTube channel claiming his primary mission is to depoliticise the Sri Lankan police. While he has garnered attention through his social media presence, Dharmapala has targeted select individuals and openly supported a political party. However, insiders within this party reveal that Dharmapala is attempting to forge connections with party leaders by claiming to possess significant secrets about the government and the Easter Sunday massacre, portraying this issue as a good opportunity to gain political mileage.

Dharmapala has reportedly deceived various parties by asserting he has confidential information regarding the Easter Sunday massacre and the involvement of military and police officers in these heinous crimes. Despite his allegations against police and military officers, he has failed to produce any substantive evidence to support his allegations against these officials. It was in this context that he encountered this officer.

Both Dharmapala and this officer share a common interest: discrediting selected Sri Lankan police and military officers while securing permanent residence abroad. This former intelligence officer reportedly has told Dharmapala that he was privy to the involvement of security officers in the Easter Sunday attacks.

He concocted fabricated stories to shift blame onto his colleagues for orchestrating the massacre. He provided several names, intending to deceive the target audience, using this as a unique selling point to secure his asylum.

However, the truth is that he harboured serious personal grudges against his fellow officers due to longstanding internal administrative issues within the institute. According to reliable sources in Geneva, these claims are fabrications intended solely to strengthen his pending asylum application. Dhramapla reportedly introduced this officer to the Cardinal to bolster his submission, promising him asylum.

We believe this situation is part of a broader human trafficking scheme and should not be encouraged. This officer, who was stationed at the Sri Lankan diplomatic mission, was expected to return to his country after his service, honouring the people and nation that provided him with this opportunity. Instead, he chose to exploit his position and fabricate stories merely to gain asylum for himself and his family.

Meanwhile, our sources have confirmed that there are a few more officers both within and outside, claiming to possess additional information. They view this as a golden opportunity to fulfill personal and vested interests. Sources affirmed that another military intelligence officer, previously stationed at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Germany, is now in self-exile.

This narrative paints a damning picture of the real conspirators behind these fabricated stories. Dharmapala’s deceit and manipulation are not only unethical but also highlight the lengths to which these individuals will go to advance their personal agendas with similar mindsets, at the expense of truth and integrity.

The Machinations Behind Fabricated Refugee Claims

Similar to how Azad Maulana, an alleged criminal of Sri Lankan origins, fabricated stories to justify his stay abroad, these officers are also manipulating narratives to support their asylum claims. Dharmapala is exploiting these officers, considering them “useful idiots” to further his own agenda. He encourages and manipulates them to create sensationalized accounts, alleging the involvement of military and police officers in the Easter Sunday Massacre.

Cardinal Ranjith, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is being drawn into this web of deceit. By engaging with these sources, the Cardinal risks becoming an unwitting participant in a scheme that undermines the integrity of Sri Lankan institutions and spreads misinformation. This investigation exposes the deliberate and malicious actions of these individuals to distort narratives for their own benefit, betraying the very nation that nurtured them and undermining the truth.

Even five years after the tragedy of the Easter Sunday Massacre, conspiracy theories continue to emerge, perpetuating misinformation and deepening divisions within Sri Lankan society. The incident involving the retired police officer turned YouTuber and the intelligence officer who defected underscores the persistence of these narratives. This incident is merely the tip of the iceberg, revealing a sophisticated network involved in disseminating fabricated stories and manipulating public opinion.

Behind the scenes, there are undoubtedly individuals and groups with vested interests seeking to exploit the tragedy for their own agendas, whether political, personal, or otherwise. The proliferation of conspiracy theories not only hampers efforts to uncover the truth but also exacerbates existing tensions and challenges facing Sri Lanka’s security and stability. It is imperative for authorities and society at large to remain vigilant against such attempts to sow discord and to uphold the principles of truth, transparency, and justice in addressing the complexities surrounding the Easter Sunday Massacre and its aftermath.

The crux of the matter is that, for some, the Easter massacre has become a tool for profitable business endeavours, while others use it as a means to claim asylum. Meanwhile, some exploit this tragedy as a political tool, with little regard for the actual victims.

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