Mossad Web in Malaysia Exposed

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A Mossad network in the country, whose runners are believed to be locals, is understood to be headed by a local woman in her mid-30s, a Kuala Lumpur-based daily newspaper, New Straits Times, has reported.

According to the report, it is understood that the woman was trained as a private investigator before she was believed to have been recruited by a Mossad agent, just before 2018.

This was the same year Mossad agents gunned down Fadi Mohamed al-Batsh, 35, a Palestinian professor and member of Hamas, the report added.

“The Malaysian woman was subsequently sent for training abroad, including in Europe, to master the art of espionage. It is learnt that for this, the woman was given some RM120,000,” the report further added.

In last month’s snatch-and-grab in Kuala Lumpur, the woman was believed to have set up a surveillance team to trail two Palestinians. It is also believed that she was on the Israelis’ retainer for €2,000 a month. She is said to have several local men working for her, the report concluded.

Meanwhile, Caretaker Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin said the ministry would take action if the claim was true. “We should look into matters (allegations) like this, then we will announce (further action),” he said, referring to a New Straits Times (NST) report that revealed Mossad agents had used Malaysians to carry out a covert operation to abduct two Palestinians they believed to be Hamas members.

However, the Malaysian operatives only managed to snatch one of the targets. The other one escaped and lodged a police report.